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Singapore’s vision of being a financial hub is paying off, and it’s going to go hyper.

Singapore’s vision of being a financial hub is paying off, and it’s going to go hyper.

According to this post from Bloomberg, what Jack Gu from Shanghai-based Platinum Analytics said is spot on –


“The efficiency of how MAS does things, that made us decide to switch our operations to Singapore,” Gu said.


The MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) being Singapore’s central bank and financial regulatory have been a faithful key player in making Singapore an effective financial hub.

The Singapore government overall has ensured stability and longevity of political atmosphere which is fundamental to long term economic growth.

The best option ahead is for both MAS and the government to enhance what they have achieved and make it bigger and reach further.


Since independence Singapore had faced the challenges of limited land, space and natural resources. Food imported worldwide via containers, water bought in from Malaysia through pipes, and being a farmer in Singapore is to be in the super-niche sector. Don’t be surprise farmers in Singapore are millionaire.

Now that this nation has reached the status of economic power, the next immediate obstacle is – volume.


To continue being a power house, size does matter.


Singapore with a domestic population of less than 6 million and limited natural resources does not have the critical mass to compete with the international market.


But Singapore’s survival depends on winning competition.


Therefore her foreign policies have been persistently “outward” and “welcoming” to foreign enterprises and inflow of FDI.

Now with the shift of attention to digital, her financial trades are expected to go hyper.

This is not just about encouraging people to do digital payment via smart phone apps but national infrastructures going digital base.


The advantage of going digital is to transcend time and location.


Although MAS spokesperson Benny Chey expects things to move not that fast but digital platform demands speed and more speed.


Singapore is playing a long game and the government’s efforts are unlikely to bear fruit overnight, according to MAS’s Chey. “Singapore has a good mix of real-money demand that have investment needs as well as risk-management and hedging needs,” he said. “When these demands are here and growing, the demand on FX and FX-trading volumes will rise commensurately.”


Once you are set on digital, it will drive you faster and faster.

Digital platform is something that will drives you more than you controlling it.



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Money The Champion of Influencer

In our days of internet shopping and social media, Influencer Marketing is the next big thing. It is already popular and its going get even bigger.

Influencer Marketing have created a new breed of workforce committed to increasing their values and branding as a credible influencer.

This can be an interesting platform to allow people to develop their own potentials as according to their own pace and understanding, and within their own resource. But a lot will push themselves beyond their limits.


But end of the day the overall champion of influencer is money!


People are most motivated by money

Promises of financial gains are driving more people to become influencers and many have burnt their own pockets.

Effective Influencer Marketing is just about helping people make money, save money and spend wisely but the influencers themselves need their own profits and income.

Money management is key to being a successful influencer.





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Singapore Election and Money Management

Money and politic cannot be separated.

I have reasons to believe in the coming election Singapore’s ruling party People’s Action Party (PAP) might get a high score of 80%.

Singapore general election is still a matter of pragmatism.

Majority of Singaporean voters have been focusing on practical matters related to money and survival and they will continue to do so.

For the last decade, social media have influenced voters and election campaigns across the world. Singapore is no exceptions with more people voicing their opinions over free public social media. Furthermore there is no lack of opposition parties and the government is stepping in to deal with fake news.

Singapore became an independent republic from August 9, 1965. It’s been more than 50 years but more than half the population will not forget the national vision provided by pioneer leaderships –


To make Singapore a financial hub


To reach that goal you need excellent money management on the state level and the ruling party has done it. Although individual politicians have had their share of shortfalls but the party itself as one united organization have performed above average.

Singapore Budget is very well managed that it aroused the envy and jealousy of many nations! And the achievements of the state is a shared value for the citizens.

There will be social issues to be address on the individual level and interestingly it is of the same subject about money and survival.

Economic success of this nation provided the needed platform for individuals to become successful and money management remains the fundamental rule for both state and individuals.

Countries that become economic powerhouse have solid track record with money management on the state level whereas nations have failed due to bad practice.

Money management will continue to a central issue to Singapore politic and social welfare for many years to come.

If we look at politics across the world today, money and economic growth has become the linchpin of social order.

Singapore voters are educated and well-informed voters. I think the choice for finance minister Heng Swee Keat got nothing to do with race but financial performances based on cabinet decisions. Singapore need a next generation leader who is really good with numbers and PAP did the smart thing to pick someone who scored the best and end of the day it will be team-work.

Singapore’s society has become a meritocracy of finance management.

Pragmatism will help preserve and secure more votes for the PAP.

Therefore I think they (PAP) might just get a high score of 80%, ceteris paribus.





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The best money can buy – JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT

This is by far the best investment in our modern world

Professional auditors will understand the greatest challenges when spending money on public structures and facilities are the value returns especially in terms of dollars.

For examples, a major concern of hosting Olympic Games is the “left behind” of new buildings and structures erected by the host nation. These building cost are huge and what further uses to generate income after the game have driven auditors to headache.

It is already a known fact how many of these stadiums are left to rot.

Although Singapore Changi Airport have retain their top spot but expansion plans are risky business.

Asia is expected to exceed U.S and Europe in air travel volume but there are credible competitors from neighboring countries.

Bangkok have the largest tourist by volume.

Malaysia under the new government will want to enhance their tourism industry.

Vietnam is fast catching up.

Singapore is doing the wise thing to spend SGD $1.7 billion on the JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT

I believe this stunning 137,000m² indoor sanctuary is smart investment due to the following reasons


  1. Live Entertainment Round the Clock

If there is any form of business which can be considered “all-rounder” catering to the need of public masses, it got to be some form of entertainment.

Entertainment attracts people and indeed this JEWEL has captured the hearts of the world. People will want to come and experience.

This will enhance the national carrier’s connectivity and strengthen Singapore Airline’s competitiveness.


  1. Pure Natural Entertainment

I have not met anyone who does not love nature

Imagine what people from urban city need to do to get in touch with nature – plan our holiday, pack our bags, hike to the park and mountains, prepared food and medication if necessary and take note bad weather can put off your adventure.

The JEWEL has simplified your quest for nature as easy as stepping into another shopping mall in the city.

For visitors arriving in Singapore its there right at the door step.


  1. D.I.Y Entertainment

Imagine being in an enclosed sanctuary saturated with varieties of gardens and a 40m waterfall – who needs to hire extras?

Presumably events companies might do more to get attention but the established atmosphere within the sanctuary itself is good enough for one to be self-satisfied.


  1. Location

The location itself offer great potential for income and profits.

Effective airport cannot do without shopping and facilities.

Singapore Changi Airport is the best due to facilities useful for travelers.

When we travel we are prepared to pay for services and the management have capitalized on that.

With a long list of renowned brands within the same location JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT is a winner in maximizing returns when comes to spending on buildings projects.




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China’s Plan for Gold Currency

According to this published article from Bloomberg, China is on a big gold-buying spree.

Central banks across the world do buy gold and hold them.

Gold are valued as safe haven asset and emergency reserve to be used in crisis situations when currencies come under pressure.

China likewise have been buying and holding gold reserve year on year but the accelerated pace from last year generated much attentions and news.

Money and politics cannot be separated.

The US-China trade war appears to be the most obvious link but there could be other concerns where Beijing values more important than bilateral trade with the U.S.

China wants to trade with everyone and not just the American. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is Beijing ambitious plan to sell Made-in-China to everyone.

But not everybody wants to buy Made-in-China. People from inside China are weary of their own products!

International trades are still very dependable on the U.S dollars. Bankers knew that gold is not only a popular hedge against any depreciation of U.S dollars but an alternative to dependency on the “greenbacks”.

Less dependency on the U.S dollars could free Beijing from listening to Trump’s demands. This might help China solve their trade-war problem with US permanently as in once-and-for-all.

Gold-based currency could be the solution for China.

China is fast and forward thinking sometimes too fast, but if Beijing can jump ahead to a gold-based currency and ditch U.S dollars they will take advantage of that.

But that is going to take some times for now and China will drag her feet to buy time with the American. So while China is ironing out their trade problem with U.S, better stock up more gold while they can.

What China is not saying is where they are keeping and holding their gold. I don’t think China is keeping everything in one place. Wise bankers don’t put all their eggs in one basket. Observe who are good friends with China for now.

How far could a nation go with gold-based currency? Depends on the numbers of countries going into it and how fast they do so.

How much more could the U.S dollars influence bilateral trade across the world? As long as the U.S retain their No.1 spot as world economy.

As a wise choice having a good combination of gold and currency reserve is more practical and stable.




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MacDonald’s real profit in being fast and convenient

MacDonald started with the idea to provide convenient food for the masses and they can still make a lot of money by sticking to their original plan.

MacDonald actually has a proven successful business model but not purely about food as any food connoisseur would expect.


According to this post in Reuters “MacDonald would remove costlier, premium burgers from its menus in favor of its more popular Quarter Pounders, shifting its focus to simpler and quickly-served burgers”

MacDonald need not go into something which is not their forte in the first place.

For a long time consumer who accepted the fact that MacDonald is not known for the best quality food continues to patronize because of conveniences and price.

Faithful MacDonald customers want their burgers affordable, fast and convenient.

People don’t go MacDonald for fresh food, they go MacDonald for fast food!

MacDonald drives through is still very popular.

People who live and work in urban cities wanting a quick bite but not spend extras heads for MacDonald as their outlets are usually found in prominent locations near access to transportation hub and shopping malls.


Food businesses in cities are highly competitive and consumers have plenty of choices.

MacDonald is attractive for low cost and conveniences compared to restaurants and cafes.

MacDonald’s attempt to compete with Wendy’s and Shake Shack to sell premium burgers has put themselves on “disadvantage competition”. Furthermore their own standardization of equipment is better capitalized on quantity and delivery speed.

I think MacDonald’s real competition is in location, delivery, pricing and point-of-sales, not premium burgers.

MacDonald still have a lot of potential for profits if they keep to these few points

Be fast and faster

Be convenient and make it more easy to access

Be the most affordable burger of its class




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Japan’s normality of shrinking market

Investments are options to raise profits but Japanese’s approach appears more restrictive then active.

Kengo Sakaguchi an analyst at Japan Credit Rating Agency had said what most Japanese will not say directly – quoted from Bloomberg


“Their structural overhaul is more about improving profit through cost cuts rather than through raising the top line,” said Kengo Sakaguchi, an analyst at Japan Credit Rating Agency. “Reducing costs may help its earnings improve temporarily, but unless its top line grows afterward, the outlook will remain murky.”


More and more Japanese companies inside Japan are doing “cost cuts” policy to improve their balance sheet.

Using Sogo Department Store as example, local Japanese especially the aging population will remember Sogo gave them the best of the best shopping experiences. The whole nation was in shock when Sogo was winding up not because they had no sales but overspending! They provided excessive service to customers!

A lot of companies inside Japan operate in fear of over-spending which is a good business practice, but when over-emphasized it stiffer potential growth.

Such fear-based restrictions are pervasive throughout the nation.

Finding their balance seems most difficult for Japanese companies in side Japan.

Japan had lost her second position to China as world economic power. And just recently Japan lost her position to Hong Kong in terms of stock market volume.

As Japan continues in her restrictive policies she will lose out even to emerging markets.

Does not Japan wants to grow and improve her economy? Definitely! This is part of the three arrow promises made by Abe when he became Prime Minister.

Japan’s tight controlled economy has a lot more to do with her own traditions of doing things.

Japan was the first and only Asian country to introduce negative interest rates and they are still holding on to it! For now no other nations in Asia will want to do this.

On the international markets Japanese corporations based in Tokyo have been losing competition on a repeated fashion. Only few who based their HQ or main operations oversea are seeing breakthrough.

While more Asian countries are fast pacing ahead with GDP growth, Japan has been busy keeping watch over her balance sheet to look good and proper. There is that over-emphasis on domestic market.

So it is not surprising that Nomura is shrinking, and many others will follow suits.



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KEH Cam - 2019.04.17